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What's the Plan

We have progressive, and regressive forces at work in our community. Our plan is to elect a progressive mayor in the upcoming Municipal elections.

To ensure the polite but often silent majority has a solid choice for municipal leadership, we need to raise funds for a mayoral candidate who best reflects our values and offers a vibrant, tolerant, inclusive community vision.

We, and that includes you, need to rally now to make our voices heard. If you don't want local government be held hostage to a confrontational, regressive minority, please get involved.

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How it Works

We offer to fund candidates for mayor. Potential candidates have to convince the majority of us that their vision aligns with ours. We, each of us, can submit questions to the candidates.

We conduct an internal vote where you vote for the candidate you want to support.

We offer the donated funds and our collective votes to the selected candidate.

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How to Help

Participate using this web site. All you have to do is Register.

Make a Refundable donation. See FAQ for details.

Submit Questions to the candidate(s).

Evaluate the candidate's responses.

Vote to support a candidate.

You can track the progress and participate right from your home.

Also see the FAQ in the menu bar at the top

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