Rural Internet: Council - what are you doing to help?

How do we get rural residents organized to make council address the woefully inadequate rural internet services?  I think we have to stop believing that Bell or Rogers is going to help. Surprisingly we have a small local company that is actuallly providing fibre to the home in neighbouring municipalities.

That company, Community Fibre, will provide service if enough residents can band together and pay for the initial construction costs.  (I have no affiliation with the company and I don't care which company does this as long as I get service.)  I would gladly pay the approximately $1700 cost spread out over 3 years to get the service BUT me alone means nothing, we need to group together.

This is where council can help.  A while back I proposed that this cost can be added to our individual property tax bill, like the cost for tiling farmland was handled in the past.  (See this for more info).  To me this is an easy win for council, people like me will self identify for this service.  If enough people participate this can happen within one year.

Do you have any idea on how to motivate council to move on this?

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