Feedback on the Strategic Plan

The town is asking for feedback on their Strategic Plan .

I have spent a couple hours reviewing the Strategic Plan.  I think the "Vision" statement is sympotmatic of the problems with the document.  The vision statement (on page 3) is not a vision statement at all.  It does not inspire, does not capture the imagination, does not ask me to "think big".  In short it shows a lack of vision.

I have given a bit of thought for a possible vision statement, here is what I have come up with:

Make Mississippi Mills one of the top 5 places in Ontario for young couples starting families and for retirees


Make Mississippi Mills a town without poverty - Increase the average wage of workers in Mississippi Mills to be twice the minimum wage

Messages like that tell us where we want to be in 20 years. Compare that to the existing "vision" statement - if you read it you will see it is poorly worded, an misses the point of what a vision statement should be.



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