About Common Ground

We are a network of citizens who work together to build inclusive, positive, informed, sustainable, and fiscally responsible communities in Mississippi Mills.

We are building a network that includes as many as possible. With any network, making communication easy is essential.

Common Ground is an experiment in building a large informal network that facilitates collaboration.

Participating in traditional groups requires a significant commitment,

  • it takes time to attend meetings
  • find a place to meet
  • find a time that works for everyone
Common Ground is a different approach: Our goal is to make it easy for you to participate at your comfort level. If you only have a few spare minutes, no problem, you can participate by voting on issues or quickly sharing your ideas with the group.

If you have the time to champion a cause, great! Use the Common Ground community to validate your ideas without ever having to call a meeting. Everyone can contribute and everyone gets to see how your plan evolves. That's the whole idea of Common Ground - group participation in a streamlined process.

Ideas change the world. Enable those ideas by building community support using Common Ground.

Contact: mmcommonground@gmail.com